About the Coalition


The Business Loans Coalition was formed by the LSTA to strengthen the voice of the industry in the federal policy arena.

The Business Loans Coalition is committed to advocating on behalf of the loan asset class and providing members with a dedicated grassroots platform to personally engage in the political process and become educated about issues important to the industry. The Coalition is the leading expert on loan syndication policy issues and exclusively represents our unique asset class.

The current political environment is hostile toward the corporate loan market, making it crucial for industry members to have a space to come together to advocate for our collective interests and market protection. The Coalition gives the thousands of people employed in the syndicated loan market an opportunity to make their voices heard in D.C. and promote policy solutions to the issues that could impact our continued success. Membership is free and must be renewed annually.

About the LSTA


The BLC is an affiliate organization of the Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA). Since 1995, LSTA has been the leading advocate for the U.S. syndicated loan market, fostering cooperation and coordination among all loan market participants, facilitating just and equitable market principles and inspiring the highest degree of confidence among investors in corporate loan assets. The LSTA promotes a fair, orderly, efficient and growing corporate loan market and provides leadership in advancing and balancing the interests of all market participants.

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